“We are sure that everything will work out, because we are unbreakable,” – Dmytro Bidyuk and Yuriy Tustanovsky from Sumy

Опубліковано 28 November 2022 року, о 16:46

Dmytro and Yuri’s project creates the first biodegradable products in Ukraine from recycled coffee grounds: cups, lids, pots for seedlings and even ecological candles.

Before the full-scale invasion, products were manufactured in Sumy, but with the beginning of the Great War, entrepreneurs evacuated their businesses to Lviv. Here, they have not only set up production, but also launched a new product in just two months – scented candles with the smell of Ukrainian cities.

Crimea smells of grapes, Kherson – watermelons, Donetsk – roses, Kyiv – lilacs and chestnuts, Lviv – coffee, and the Carpathians – herbs and honey.

“Thousands of people were forced to leave their homes. And that’s why we decided to bring them back to their native places with memories, at least for a moment. We released a collection of six fragrances associated with certain regions of Ukraine. We are not inventing something unreal. This is something that everyone has the same memories of, the same associations with,” the entrepreneurs say.

The team is convinced that their candles not only give people a sense of pleasant nostalgia and peace, but also bring victory closer.