«The biggest catastrophe with humanitarian corridors – in the Mariupol and Kharkiv directions» – Irina Vereshchuk

Опубліковано 19 March 2022 року, о 11:13

Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk told in detail on 1 + 1 TV Chanel about how the civilians were taken hostage by the occupiers. The Russian army ignores any rules of war. It is almost impossible to help people.

«During the day of March 18, we again could not deliver at least humanitarian aid to Izyum and other cities of Kharkiv region, even not speaking about the evacuation of people» – Iryna Vereshchuk said.

According to her, the Mariupol-Zaporizhzhia corridor also remains problematic.

«The occupiers allow residents to leave the city only by private transport or on foot. That’s why people move on their own. In Mangush and Berdyansk, we meet them and take them to the occupiers’ checkpoint in Vasylivka, then to Zaporizhzhia».

According to Iryna Vereshchuk, during the day on March 18, the occupiers again held our buses with children and women.

At the same time, work is underway to save the civilian population of Ukraine: in total, in three days of operation of the humanitarian corridor from the besieged Mariupol managed to evacuate almost 40 thousand residents.

As for the people who were under the bomb shelter of the Drama Theater during the bombing – according to Iryna Vereshchuk words – it is extremely difficult to gather objective information about them due to the lack of communication there.

«Approximately 300 people were rescued – she said. – The amount of death has not yet been determined».

The Deputy Prime Minister added that twice humanitarian corridors were also organized from Luhansk region. Each time several thousand people were deported. Humanitarian cargo is scheduled to be delivered to Luhansk region on March 19.

«Severodonetsk, Lysychansk, Rubizhne, Popasna will receive food, water, medicines and basic necessities – Iryna Vereshchuk promised. – Unfortunately, evacuation by this day is forbidden by military. The shelling is probably planned again, so it is a necessary measure to save the lives of our people».

Also on March 19, there are plans to extend the Mariupol-Zaporizhzhia humanitarian corridor. Buses are already on the way. A fuel truck is also going to its destination, which will feed private cars.

«All of Ukraine today should focus on these vital events» – the Deputy Prime Minister concluded.