Iryna Vereshchuk: “We need anti-missile weapons – otherwise the war will spread to the whole of Europe!”

Опубліковано 25 March 2022 року, о 18:46

The Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Iryna Vereshchuk addressed Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte on Twitter to provide Ukraine with anti-missile defense systems. Otherwise, she predicted, the war in Ukraine could spread all over Europe.

“I am convinced that you and other European leaders are strong-minded people. This is well known and recognized by the proud and independent Dutch people. You have to become one of those who will support us not only with words, politics, and sanctions. We need anti-missile weapons. If we get it, we will have peace in a while. If this does not happen, the war will spread throughout Europe. Then it will be the responsibility of Mark Rutte, Boris Johnson, and all other leaders who have stopped a step from such a crucial stage” – the official warned.