The evil will be punished – say “YES!” To the new Nuremberg process over Putin

Опубліковано 8 April 2022 року, о 18:49

The initiative to create a new Nuremberg-type international tribunal is gaining a lot of support all over the world. The idea was put forward by former British Prime Ministers John Major and Gordon Brown with a group of prominent scholars and lawyers.

“While frightened mothers and children are fleeing bombs and bullets, Putin is committing the biggest international crime right before our eyes – aggression. There is a powerful way to bring him to justice: a new tribunal in the style of Nuremberg … Without such responsibility, there will never be peace “- said the organizers of the process.

The petition in support of the Tribunal have to collect 2 million signatures. This will allow you to start the practical part of the work. It is worth to note that during the first two days the petition was signed by more than 796 thousand people from around the world. Up to date, more than 1.7 million signatures have been collected.

Anyone can join and sign the petition. As well as extend this appeal as much as possible.

To register, go to the special page, enter your email address and click SIGN.

Sign and distribute! The future of the planet is in our hands. Evil must be eliminated forever!