The occupiers stole buses and trucks with humanitarian aid on their way to Melitopol

Опубліковано 8 April 2022 року, о 12:42

Russian troops did not allow a humanitarian convoy of residents to occupy Melitopol. Moreover, aid was stolen along with buses and trucks, Mayor Ivan Fedorov said on his Facebook page.

According to his words, the occupiers threatened the drivers and forced them to get on a bus and return. The rest of the transport was confiscated by russian soldiers along with the cargo.

Now Melitopol residents are deprived not only of vital assistance (medicines for the seriously ill, food, hygiene items), but also the possibility of evacuation. After all, the convoy of buses delivering aid had to evacuate the city residents on the way back.

“People will not be able to leave Melitopol!” – Ivan Fedorov is indignant at the actions of the occupiers.

He emphasizes that russia once again violates all possible norms of international agreements and any norms of humanity.