Iryna Vereshchuk: Russians take out tens of thousands of our women and children to depressed regions of Russia

Опубліковано 20 April 2022 року, о 16:57

Russia is trying to save its glaring demographic situation and alleviate pathological social problems for account of Ukrainian children and women, said in an interview with the Polish newspaper Wiadomosci.wp.pl the Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of Reintegration of the Occupied Territories Iryna Vereshchuk.

According to her, there may be tens of thousands of civilian Ukrainians deported from the temporarily occupied territories.

“Russians forcibly take our women and children to depressed regions to save their demographics. Passports are confiscated so that abductees cannot return to Ukraine. These are the same methods that Stalin used against Crimean Tatars or Ukrainians who were deported to Kazakhstan. History repeats itself in the worst possible way. This is the real catastrophe,these are crimes against humanity!” – the official stressed.

It’s necessary to remind that according to the Mariupol City Council, tens of thousands of citizens were forcibly deported from Mariupol to the russianfederation during the period of hostilities. At the same time, russia often spreads information about a significantly larger number of deported Ukrainians – thus the enemy is trying to destroy evidence of mass killings of civilians (including Mariupol) and hide information about people who are subject to filtering measures in the temporarily occupied Donetsk region.