Iryna Vereshchuk: russians use civilians for pressure and do not release from “Azovstal”

Опубліковано 22 April 2022 року, о 11:47

As for now, our soldiers and about 1,000 of our civilians are there, said the Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Iryna Vereshchuk.

“There are corridors for captivity. The russians have opened one, but we don’t need it. Because our soldiers don’t want to surrender to them. There are humanitarian corridors. We need one from “Azovstal” to evacuate women, children and the elderly”, – Vereshchuk emphasized.

The russians refuse to open it, cynically pretending not to understand the difference between the corridors.

“In this way, they are trying to put pressure on our military,” – she explained.

The occupiers are afraid to storm “Azovstal”, but deliberately do not release civilians.

“Once again, we appeal to world leaders and the world community to immediately make every effort to open the Azovstal humanitarian corridor for women, children and the elderly!” – Iryna Vereshchuk urged.