“We have carry on living!” – Oksana Dubyk, Mariupol

Опубліковано 15 August 2022 року, о 20:57

Oksana Dubyk is a construction worker. She used to build her hometown of Mariupol: schools, kindergartens, hospitals.

After the full-scale invasion of Russia, she lost her job and her hometown. Her husband, an Azov fighter, was taken prisoner by Russia. After being evacuated to Lviv, Oksana had to start all over again.

Her current motto is: “We have to carry on living!”.

Together with her friends, Oksana opened a flower shop, even though she had no experience working with plants before. Now she has no shortage of customers.

“I’m planning to offer our guests delicious coffee with sandwiches, and also arrange a table for a florist, where each of our guests will personally collect bouquets to their own taste. Flowers are beauty that lives on despite the horrors and pain of war. I want to make the whole of Lviv, which has welcomed me so warmly, like a native, bloom!” says Oksana Dubyk.

She believes in her small new business. The woman is convinced that her husband will definitely return home soon, and that our victory will be soon as well.