“22 years of work – and it’s no good to lose it just like that,” Ruslan Sadovskyi, Kharkiv

Опубліковано 19 August 2022 року, о 12:28

Ruslan Sadovskyi is the owner of a small business that manufactures sockets and switches. The full-scale invasion of Russia caught Ruslan in Kyiv, and his production in Kharkiv had to stop when part of the city was temporarily occupied by Russian troops and daily shelling began.

Almost immediately, the owner of the company applied for business relocation and quickly received a response: it was decided to move the facilities to the Khotyn community.

“I immediately went to Kharkiv. We were under fire, and the air defence system was 300 meters away. It was scary,” he recalls.

In Khotyn, Ruslan Sadovskyi’s business has created new jobs. Currently, the company employs 17 people, 90% of whom are local residents.

The entrepreneur is making plans for the future and dreams of building his business despite the war.

“Everyone keeps doing their job and together we achieve more,” says Ruslan Sadovskyi.