Fabrics, first aid kits and flags – changes and traditions of a Kharkiv relocated enterprise

Опубліковано 1 September 2022 року, о 12:23

Dmytro Oleksandrov is the owner of a successful Kharkiv textile factory: fifty tailors worked in two workshops, and there were always orders for six months in advance.

Since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion, only one workshop has been saved. Workers spent several days assembling equipment under artillery fire and a week transporting the sewing shop from Kharkiv to Rivne to sew for the Ukrainian army.

Currently, the shop employs 8 tailors and the same number of trainees, and instead of advertising banners, they sew bags and first aid kits for our military.

However, one thing remains unchanged – they have been sewing flags for over 8 years.

“Our hope is that our flags will be flying in every village, every Ukrainian village, every city!” says Tetyana Vlasova, co-owner of the sewing shop.