“The main thing is not to be afraid. And believe in our Victory!” – Oleksiy Korzh, Mariupol

Опубліковано 15 September 2022 року, о 12:32

0629 is a small piece of Mariupol that has been in Lviv since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion. In fact, every resident of Mariupol knows the 0629 digit set. It is the code of their hometown. In Lviv, these numbers united those people who were forced to leave Mariupol after the Russian attack.

Three displaced friends decided to open their own business: a coffee shop with a Mariupol theme in memory of their hometown.

“Of course, it is quite risky to open a new establishment, especially during a major war. But we decided that there was no point in being afraid, anything can happen tomorrow, so we should take action now,” says Oleksiy Korzh, co-founder of the establishment.

Today, 0629 works in the very centre of Lviv and offers not only signature food and coffee, but also stories, experiences, and a friendly atmosphere.