“‘Build muscles – build the Armed Forces!” – Stanislav Kulesh, a coach from Sievierodonetsk

Опубліковано 20 September 2022 року, о 14:39

After the full-scale invasion, Stanislav Kulesh moved from Sievierodonetsk to Kyiv.

The war took away his hometown, home and favourite job, but the man did not give up and continued to do his life’s work: to make people fall in love with sports.

The trainer’s special style is training in the woods, on the roof or with a DJ, and he manages to gather people even on Sunday mornings. Boys and girls from Sievierodonetsk are regular participants in these workouts. They come to Stanislav’s classes to feel like home.

“The Russian army has destroyed and bombed our cities, but it has not and will not be able to do so with our bond, our friendship and our relationships in the team,” says a participant of the sports movement.

The coach invites Kyiv residents and visitors to collective sports therapy. Anti-stress training sessions are held every Sunday at the Rusanivets Stadium in Kyiv. And for all Ukrainians, Stanislav offers a special challenge: 50 squats equals 50 UAH for the Armed Forces, 1 km of running equals 100 UAH for the military.

“You have done a useful exercise for yourself and helped our Armed Forces,” the man says.

The training sessions are held at 12-a Ihor Shamo Boulevard, Kyiv.

Contact phone number: 044 295 9966