“Don’t fall back!” – Diana Maksymenko, Avdiivka

Опубліковано 26 September 2022 року, о 14:41

Diana Maksymenko is only 21 years old. She has already had to flee the war twice in her life. The first time was from her native Avdiivka, and the second time was from Kyiv. She has also started a new business several times.

After February 24, Diana and her family moved to the town of Teplyk in Vinnytsia region, where she decided to try a bold new idea: open her own anti-cafe.

“A few weeks ago I found out that my house in Avdiivka was destroyed. It was simply gone. I couldn’t recover for a long time, and only work helped me get back on my feet,” says the entrepreneur.

At Milk & Honey, you can not only drink coffee, but also work or play board games with friends. Diana herself says that this place is designed to provide a distraction and positive emotions.

After the Victory, Diana wants to develop her business throughout Ukraine and hopes to see her native Donetsk region peaceful.

The address of the establishment where you will always be welcome is 38 Nezalezhnosti Street, Teplyk, Vinnytsia region.