“Together we will overcome all difficulties!” – Roman Kozumlyak, Kyiv

Опубліковано 10 November 2022 року, о 14:48

Roman became interested in board games back in 2015. Later he realized that Russian language products literally flooded the Ukrainian market. Then the man decided to fix it and started his own business. His driving force was the desire to give Ukrainian society an access to Ukrainian language products. This is reported by ReInform with reference to the Ministry of Reintegration.

Communication with authors, translation, production in China and months of waiting – all this did not prevent the Lord of Boards team from creating high quality Ukrainian-language board games.

Even a full-scale war did not stop them: Roman and his team moved the business to Vinnytsia and quickly resumed work, and customers began to appear already in March.

The entrepreneur says that their games are a kind of “psychologists”, because they help to distract and immerse oneself in another world for a while.

“It is a special pleasure when fighters from the front send photos of how they play our games. This is something incredible! The war, the frontline is close, and to calm down, defenders play strategy or build cities,” the man says.

Roman and his team are convinced that the Russians will not break us, and with small victories in the table games we are bringing the big one closer.

We are reminding of the story of Vladyslav and Dmytro, who were among the first in Ukraine to start making kalimbas with their own hands – a unique musical instrument suitable for both intuitive playing and learning favorite melodies.