Swiss manufacturer of demining machines to help clear de-occupied territories of explosive ordnance

Опубліковано 2 February 2023 року, о 14:34

Representatives of the Ministry of Reintegration and the State Emergency Service met with the CEO of the Swiss company that manufactures mechanized demining equipment Global Clearance Solutions (GCS).

International partners have announced their intention to help equip the pyrotechnic units of the State Emergency Service and the State Special Transport Service with mechanized demining equipment. They also intend to open a company office in Kyiv, which will allow for the maintenance of GCS machines.

During the meeting, the Swiss partners were offered to launch cooperation within the framework of the Coordination Headquarters for the De-occupied Territories and the National Mine Action Authority.

Such cooperation should result in the targeted use of vehicles to clear mines and unexploded ordnance from locations responsible for the life support of the civilian population.

In order to do this, the Ministry of Reintegration and Global Clearance Solutions have begun preparations to sign a Memorandum.

The involvement of mechanized demining equipment will help to significantly speed up the clearance of the explosive contaminated areas. According to preliminary estimates of experts, the total area of the liberated territories, probably contaminated with ERW, as of January 2023, is 108 thousand square kilometers.