How to properly record the destruction of housing in order to apply for compensation?

Опубліковано 13 February 2023 року, о 10:30

The Ukrainian government continues to urge citizens to report their destroyed or damaged housing property.

The Ministry reminds that this can be done on the Diia portal, through the Center for the Provision of Administrative Services or a notary.

When recording damage or destruction, the Ministry of Reintegration calls for several important rules to be followed:

  1. Try to take a good quality photo or video, and if possible, turn on geolocation on your phone beforehand.
  2. During the shooting, comment on your location, date, time, details of the damage (if possible, record information as third parties who must first introduce themselves).
  3. Take close-ups and details of the damage, and take pictures of all external and internal damage. Show the surrounding area and nearby objects.
  4. Save the footage in its original form: without using graphic editors, inscriptions, etc.
  5. Make copies of the shooting results and save them on different media: a flash drive, file sharing service, etc.