Amendments to the list of territories where military operations are (were) conducted or temporarily occupied were approved

Опубліковано 28 February 2023 року, о 17:37

The Order of the Ministry of Reintegration of February 20th, 2023, No. 56 amended the List of territories where hostilities are being (were) conducted or temporarily occupied by the Russian Federation. This is reported by ReInform with reference to the Ministry of Reintegration.

The list was approved in December 2022 and is periodically updated. It is the basis for payments to internally displaced persons.

Changes to this List are made in agreement with the Ministry of Defense based on proposals from the relevant regional and Kyiv city military administrations.

Thus, the updated list of territories of possible and active hostilities includes settlements in Dnipropetrovsk (Dnipro), Donetsk, Mykolaiv, Sumy, Kharkiv, Kherson, Chernihiv, Zaporizhzhya and Luhansk regions.

We would like to remind that people who have left the settlements included in the list as territories of:

1) possible hostilities,

2) active hostilities,

3) temporarily occupied by the Russian Federation, where the date of the end of hostilities (the date of termination of the possibility of hostilities) or temporary occupation by the Russian Federation has not been determined,

are eligible for payments.