Rehabilitation of war-affected Ukrainians to become faster – the process to be digitalized

Опубліковано 1 March 2023 року, о 15:00

Because of the war in Ukraine, the number of wounded defenders and civilians in need of further rehabilitation is growing. Therefore, the issue of using digital tools has arisen.

According to the Ministry of Health, starting in May, the entire process of patient rehabilitation will be accompanied by an electronic healthcare system (EHS). This will allow storing patient health data in a single place – in an electronic file.

This tool was developed primarily for Ukrainians who suffered from the war and need comprehensive rehabilitation to return to a full life. They will be able to access rehabilitation without unnecessary bureaucratic procedures.

At the first stage of digitalization, doctors will enter all medical information about rehabilitation interventions, examination results and other necessary data into the EHS. Electronic tools are expected to ensure transparency, controllability and efficiency of rehabilitation support.

The digitalization of these services is being implemented within the framework of the project “Rehabilitation of War Trauma in Ukraine”, implemented by the CF “Patients of Ukraine” with the support of Switzerland and the European Union.

Currently, the state provides a full range of medical and rehabilitation care for war victims. Thus, rehabilitation is free of charge and guaranteed by the state in medical institutions that have contracted with the National Health Service of Ukraine under the package “Rehabilitation care for adults and children in hospital settings”.