How not to fall victim to fake information

Опубліковано 12 March 2023 року, о 19:00

The Ministry of Reintegration has collected several tips to help protect against fakes and manipulations.

  1. Pay attention to the headlines. If several exclamation points are used in a headline in a row, color designations or stamps are used, such as: “100% info”, “urgent repost”, etc., these are all signs of fake news.
  2. Evaluate the emotional nature of the news. Excessively sensualized content may indicate fake news, because the purpose of such news is to “turn off” the reader’s rational perception.
  3. Look at the URL and be sure to check the name of the media source. Copies of well-known pages or websites are often created to promote rumors or fakes.
  4. Make it a rule to be cautiously critical of published information. The goal of fake news is to make you believe without questioning anything.
  5. Find out the source of the information. See what other media sources in Ukraine or around the world have published the news. The absence of links or sources is an obvious signal that the news is fake.
  6. Check messages and appeals that are shared on behalf of the authorities on the official pages of state institutions.
  7. Limit the number of channels from which you consume information. Refer to trusted media that bear responsibility for the information they publish.