International Criminal Court to hold Russia accountable for genocide and abduction of Ukrainian children

Опубліковано 14 March 2023 року, о 9:54

International and Ukrainian investigators have gathered irrefutable evidence. Based on these materials, the International Criminal Court (ICC) intends to open the first two cases against the aggressor country: the abduction of Ukrainian children and numerous deliberate attacks on civilian infrastructure in Ukraine.

These are the first international charges brought against Russia since the beginning of the war.

The New York Times published this information based on its own sources.

The ICC will seek arrest warrants for the persons suspected in both cases.

It is likely that Vladimir Putin will be indicted personally. The immunity of the head of state will not help him: the court does not recognize such immunity in cases related to war crimes, crimes against humanity or genocide.

The case of child abduction concerns the deportation of underage Ukrainians, from infants to teenagers.

According to Chief Prosecutor Karim Khan, this case is a priority for his investigators.

As the researchers found out, as part of the Kremlin-sponsored program, children were taken out of Ukraine and placed in families, making them Russian citizens, or they were sent to summer camps for “re-education.” Among these children were children from orphanages or boarding schools. A report by Yale University and the U.S. State Department says there are 43 camps in Russia where children from Ukraine are held.

According to the current data of the Ukrainian state portal for searching for children “Children of War“, the occupiers have deported 16,226 children as of today.

The Ministry of Reintegration and the National Information Bureau (NIB) are using all possible means to find deported children and return them to their homeland.

If you become aware of a child’s deportation, please report it to the NIB’s round-the-clock hotline:

– 16-48 and (044) 287-81-65,

– or via chatbots in Telegram and Viber.