How to apply for a passport for a child born abroad

Опубліковано 12 June 2023 року, о 21:38

Citizens of Ukraine whose child was born abroad can obtain a foreign passport for him or her without returning to Ukraine. The State Migration Service explains how to do this.

Where can you apply for a passport?

Beyond Ukraine, you can apply for a passport at Passport Service centers and Foreign Diplomatic Missions (FDI).

Is the presence of a child required?

The child’s presence is not required. However, in this case, you must bring a 10×15 cm photo of the child to enter the digitized face image.

If a child has a foreign birth certificate?

An official translation must be made and notarized. Also, the certificate may need to be apostilled for legalization.

What to do if the mother’s passport is expired or the photo is not affixed?

You can apply for a mother’s ID card and a child’s passport at the same time. To do this, you need to contact the “Passport Service” centers abroad.

What if the child’s father is a foreigner?

It is necessary to apply to the Foreign Affairs Department to obtain a certificate of registration as a citizen of Ukraine. The processing time is three months. With this certificate, you can apply for a passport both at the Foreign Affairs Department and at the Passport Service centers.

What is the cost of processing?

The cost of a child’s passport is the same as for an adult. In the units of the Migration Service, it is 856 UAH or 1496 UAH (depending on the urgency). The Passport Service centers additionally charge a fee for the company’s services, which varies depending on the country.