Changes in housing and social services for Ukrainians in the Czech Republic from July 1

Опубліковано 26 June 2023 року, о 18:08

In the summer, amendments to Lex Ukrajina V come into force. They regulate the provision of assistance and accessible housing.

 What will change for Ukrainians:

 Financial assistance

There will be a cancellation of some payments to asylum seekers. Instead, only substantial financial support will be available. It will cover the cost of housing and other needs of Ukrainians. IDPs receive a subsistence allowance of 3130 CZK (5200 UAH) after 150 days from the date of temporary protection.


Solidarity payments

 Only homeowners who have given shelter to Ukrainians and live with them will receive them.  However, there will be a change in the amount – instead of CZK 3000, the amount will be CZK 2400. Those who have hosted IDPs, but do not live with them, are no longer entitled to help.  Instead, the Ukrainians are required to sign a rental agreement and pay for their accommodation out of their pocket from the comprehensive assistance they receive.

Free accommodation

Social housing is available for 150 days from the date of the granting of temporary protection. After this period, all asylum-seekers who do not fall into the category of vulnerable persons must either agree with the owner to pay for the accommodation or find new lodging.