Occupants continue to use children to deceive and manipulate

Опубліковано 26 June 2023 року, о 18:09

In Zaporizhia’s temporarily occupied territories, schoolchildren are forced to write letters to the Russian invaders. 


According to the National Resistance Centre, this was particularly the case in Berdiansk and Melitopol.


The children copy the prepared text from the sample under the supervision of russian teachers brought to the region. Propagandists are filming all this.


Parents who try to protect their children and refuse to send them to such ‘holiday camps’ are threatened with fines or the loss of their parental rights.


Under the guise of children, this is not the first time the occupiers have carried out such manipulations. The Ministry of Reintegration recalls that all war crimes committed by the Russian Federation against Ukrainian children will be investigated as crimes of genocide.