Citizens continue to evacuate to safe regions of Ukraine

Опубліковано 29 June 2023 року, о 12:18

In particular, mandatory evacuations from the Donetsk region have been taking place since August 2022.  More than 83,000 people have moved to safer areas in 11 months. They include more than 9.7 thousand children and more than 3.5 thousand people with limited mobility.

Evacuating the de-occupied territories, which began last fall, is also continuing.  In 10 months, more than 25 thousand people left Kharkiv region. Over 31,000 people have been evacuated from the newly liberated areas of Kherson region in 8 months.

The centralized relocation of citizens to safe regions of Ukraine is carried out on a planned basis and, if necessary, on an emergency basis. The government, international organizations, and volunteers are making every effort to ensure the safety of our citizens.

We remind you that evacuation is free of charge. Please contact your local authorities to make an appointment.

You can also report your desire to evacuate to the 24-hour hotline of the Ministry of Reintegration: 15-48. For messages via WhatsApp/Telegram/Viber messengers, the number is (096) 078-84-33.