COVID certificates are no longer required in Ukraine due to the lifting of quarantine restrictions

Опубліковано 7 July 2023 року, о 18:58

As of July 1, the COVID-19 quarantine restrictions are no longer in effect in Ukraine. The Ministry of Health of Ukraine has clarified whether it is necessary to be vaccinated against the virus and whether vaccination certificates will be valid.

What about the COVID-19 vaccine?

The vaccination against COVID-19 can be carried out according to the doctor’s decision at the patient’s request. That is, vaccination is currently a recommendation but not a requirement.

What about COVID certificates?

Using and having a certificate is optional. For visits to public places, the document is not required. However, if you are traveling abroad, you should check the host country’s requirements for COVID certificates. Each country makes its own decisions about quarantine restrictions.

Do I need a negative COVID-19 test result if I plan to be hospitalized?

If hospitalization is planned, it is still necessary to test for COVID-19, as the coronavirus remains a dangerous disease for humans.