Join the reconstruction effort: More than 500 people have already applied to join the reserve of workers to work in the occupied territories

Опубліковано 12 July 2023 року, о 18:21

At the beginning of July, the “Reserve for Public Service in the De-occupied Territories” platform was launched. Anyone can register there and become part of the candidate reserve.


To date, more than 500 candidates have applied and the number continues to grow. Of these, 455 questionnaires were processed, so these individuals were already part of the reserve.


Registration is underway, so if you want to take part in the restoration of the occupied territories, have the necessary education, and want to try your hand at civil service, go to reserve.nads.gov.ua, register in the system, and fill out the application form.


In May, the government launched a pilot project to help government agencies in the occupied territories attract motivated and professional staff to their teams.


The project is coordinated by the Ministry of Reintegration and the National Agency for Civil Service.