The procedure for IDP payments has changed: Who will not receive assistance

Опубліковано 13 July 2023 року, о 20:21

The Ministry of Social Policy has developed several innovations. According to them, help will be given to those who need it most. Payments will not be made to certain categories of IDPs.


For citizens who have applied within 3 months before the application, no payments will be made:


  1. Purchase of a car that is less than 5 years old (except a moped and its trailer).


It is not taken into account:

  • motorcycles, the cost of which does not exceed thirteen times the subsistence minimum for persons who have lost the ability to work,
  • independently collected,
  • purchased by a person with a Group 1 or 2 disability,
  • received free of charge or purchased on preferential terms through social security authorities,
  • received through charitable organizations,
  • purchased by foster parents of family-type orphanages, extended families, and families with children with disabilities (the full list of exceptions is contained in Government Resolution No. 332).


  1. Purchased real estate, securities, or virtual assets for more than 100 thousand UAH or paid (once) for any works or services (except for construction, if the person’s housing is damaged/destroyed, medical, educational and housing and communal services in accordance with the social housing standard).
  2. Have more than 100 thousand UAH on a bank deposit or domestic government bonds for the same amount.
  3. Purchased foreign currency (except for currency received from charitable organizations or purchased to pay for medical, rehabilitation, prosthetic, social and/or educational services) or precious metals for more than 100 thousand UAH.
  4. They own housing in areas where there are no hostilities and which are not temporarily occupied. This does not include living quarters of less than 13.65 m² per family member. \
  5. Receive full state support (for example, in an orphanage, psycho-neurological boarding school, boarding school for the elderly and disabled, or boarding school, specialized military or military sports training institution).