Ukraine returns bodies of 62 fallen defenders

Опубліковано 14 July 2023 року, о 21:05

Today was the day of repatriating the bodies of Ukrainian soldiers from the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine (TOT).

We managed to return the bodies of 62 defenders. Four of them died in enemy captivity due to injury, illness, and inadequate medical care.

The bodies were returned from the TOT with the assistance of the Ministry of Reintegration, the Commissioner for Missing Persons in cooperation with the Joint Center of the Security Service of Ukraine, the Civil-Military Cooperation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, other law enforcement agencies, departments, and international organizations.

It should be noted that the transfer of fallen soldiers’ bodies is carried out per the Geneva Conventions.

After identification, the bodies of our defenders will be returned to their families for proper burial.

We remind you that the hotline of the Commissioner for Missing Persons is open: 0 800 339 247. On weekends, messages are accepted via Viber and Telegram at (095) 896-04-21.