How to get a Ukrainian passport if you only have a soviet-type passport

Опубліковано 24 July 2023 року, о 11:41

Among the elderly evacuated from the combat areas, some are our citizens but have not yet received the passports of Ukrainian citizens and have only a Soviet-style document. Of course, at the moment they have problems getting social welfare.

What to do in this case was explained by the State Migration Service.

  • Since each case is individual, a person should contact the territorial unit of the State Migration Service with the available documents. It will be advised and explained how to proceed.
  • If the information about permanent residence on the territory of Ukraine as of August 24, 1991, and residence as of November 13, 1991, is not confirmed, the person may apply to the court to establish these facts and then go through the procedure of registration as a citizen of Ukraine.
  • If the person has a passport and the registration of the place of residence is verified as of the dates mentioned above, the person may apply to the territorial unit of the State Migration Service for a passport of a citizen of Ukraine.

Important! If a person is incapacitated, his or her interests must be represented by a legal representative. According to the law, it can be a parent, guardian, or trustee.