How to protect yourself from Phishing scams

Опубліковано 26 July 2023 року, о 11:17

Cases of payment fraud using phishing links are increasing in Ukraine. Such links lead to fraudulent Websites. They may look very similar to legitimate Web resources. But in reality, this is a trap to steal confidential user data.

The Department of Justice explains how to avoid this type of fraud.

  • Do not follow links from unknown people. Typically, such links are “scattered” through social networks, messengers, SMS messages, emails, online advertising, and online commerce platforms.
  • Carefully verify the website name before entering your payment card information or online banking passwords. The addresses of legitimate and fraudulent Websites may be similar except for one or more characters.
  • Remember, scammers are very active in spreading phishing as the purchase/sale of various goods and services. Therefore, on online trading platforms, discuss the details of the transaction only in the chat of such platform or use its application.