Nearly 1400 people want to work in the de-occupied territories

Опубліковано 2 August 2023 року, о 13:06

The “Reserve for Public Service in the De-occupied Territories” platform was launched in early July. Since then, nearly 1,400 people have registered in the system to join the personnel reserve for work in the liberated territories. Of these, 60% were submitted by men and 40% by women. The number of applicants grows every day


At the same time, more than 1,200 people have already enrolled. The next step for them will be vocational training.


The Reserve aims to provide personnel for regional military administrations and other government agencies that will resume work in the de-occupied territories.


Motivated professionals of various specialties are recruited for the reserve.


Registration is ongoing. So if you want to participate in the restoration of the liberated territories, please follow the link.


The Ministry of Reintegration and the National Agency for Public Service are coordinating the project.