Government approves regulations for local IDP councils

Опубліковано 7 August 2023 року, о 10:57

Because of the armed aggression of russia against Ukraine, many internally displaced persons have appeared. In some communities, IDP councils have been established to assist in the integration of IDPs and to support local authorities in ensuring the rights and interests of IDPs.


To regulate the activities of such councils and facilitate their establishment throughout Ukraine, the Cabinet of Ministers adopted a resolution “On Approval of the Model Regulation on the Council for Internally Displaced Persons”. The Ministry of Reintegration prepared the draft document for the implementation of the State Policy Strategy on Internal Displacement until 2025.


According to the Model Regulations of the Council on Internal Displacement, they will contribute to the implementation of the regional policy on internally displaced persons. In particular, their adaptation and integration into host communities.


The main tasks of such councils are to facilitate social protection of IDPs, their employment, housing, psychosocial, medical, and legal assistance, etc.


The Council will be composed of 18 persons, of whom 9 will be IDPs, 6 will be representatives of the institution under which the Council was established, and 3 will be representatives of NGOs that protect the rights of IDPs.


In addition, the resolution recommends:


– Regional, city, and district military administrations to establish IDP councils by September 1, 2023, and to adopt regulations for these councils, taking into account the model regulations;


– Local governments to establish IDP councils and adopt regulations for such councils.