The United States has committed more than $66 billion in aid to Ukraine since the war began

Опубліковано 14 August 2023 року, о 9:45

The Washington Post reports, citing the US State and Defense Departments.

The total sum of aid Ukraine has received from the United States is $66.2 billion. It includes $43.1 billion in military assistance, $20.5 billion in financial support for Ukraine’s budget, and another $2.6 billion in humanitarian assistance.

The publication notes that this is more than the U.S. allocates to aid any other country.

Currently, the United States is doing an exceptional job of helping Ukraine. The volume of assistance to Ukraine is many times greater than that to other allies. For comparison: In the past year and a half, Israel has received $8.6 billion from the United States, Egypt $3.3 billion, and Jordan $2.9 billion.