What is the right way to suggest that a relative see a psychologist?

Опубліковано 14 August 2023 року, о 9:39

As part of the “How are you?” project, First Lady Olena Zelenska launched the development of tips on how to suggest that a loved one see a psychologist if necessary.  The Ministry of Health has published it. 

So if for some reason a person cannot decide to see a psychologist on their own, try this:

  1. Talk to your loved one alone in a quiet place. Choose a time when they are most relaxed and calm.
  2. Tell us exactly what is bothering you and give specific examples. After all, a person may not realize they have a problem.
  3. Be patient and do not judge. The person may deny everything and defend himself. In this situation, do not be offended and choose your words carefully. Tell them you are concerned about them.
  4. Share your own experiences of seeing a psychologist or the adventures of your friends, if you have any.
  5. Tell us about confidentiality. A professional psychotherapist will never tell anyone what the patient shares with him or her.
  6. Help find a specialist.
  7. Offer other practical help, such as babysitting or helping with household chores while the person is at the psychologist’s office. Or go with him/her to the appointment.

If the person still refuses professional help, just stay close, listen and be supportive, and help with household chores if possible.