Municipalities have set up commissions to consider compensation for destroyed housing

Опубліковано 20 August 2023 року, о 18:33

More than 1,400 Ukrainians whose homes were damaged during the war have already applied for compensation under the eRecovery program. The Government Portal reports.

In the next month, representatives of the local authorities will contact the citizens who have applied to verify the necessary documents and make a final decision.

We remind you that to claim compensation, you must:

– Check whether the property is registered in the State Property Register (if not, contact the Administrative Services Center, a notary, or local or village councils);

– Submit a request using the eRecovery service in the Diia application;

– Obtain a certificate of no criminal record, as persons convicted of crimes against national security cannot receive compensation;

– Wait for notification from the Commission.

Currently, only applications from individual homeowners are considered. For those who co-own their property, are in the temporarily occupied territory, or have already made repairs, The government is developing compensation mechanisms that will be presented in the fall.