The commission under the Ministry of Reintegration supported the granting of Levko Lukyanenko scholarship to a prisoner of the occupiers

Опубліковано 20 August 2023 року, о 18:06

The Ministry of Reintegration held the Commission meeting for consideration of applications for state scholarships named after Levko Lukyanenko.  Based on the results, the scholarship was recommended to be awarded to Oleh Halaziuk, a teacher of philosophy and political science, and a public activist.

The occupying administration of the russian federation illegally imprisoned Oleg Galazyuk for his pro-Ukrainian civil position.  As a result of the agreements reached, he was released at the end of December 2019.

The Levko Lukyanenko State Scholarship is an award by decree of the President of Ukraine.

It is provided to Ukrainian citizens illegally detained by the russian federation and the occupation administration of the russian federation.