How can those released from captivity receive an education voucher?

Опубліковано 21 August 2023 року, о 15:08

A study voucher is a document that gives certain categories of citizens the right to free education in educational institutions according to an approved list of professions and specialties.


Such vouchers may be issued to persons released from captivity who have been deprived of their liberty because of the armed aggression against Ukraine. It is important to note that this fact is established by the relevant commission operating under the Ministry of Reintegration.


Based on the voucher, retraining in a working profession, specialized training to obtain a master’s degree, or a master’s degree in another field, specialization, or advanced training is provided.


Currently, 123 professions and specialties have been identified that can be studied with vouchers. The list is available here.


To receive a voucher, those released from captivity can apply at an employment center or submit an online application for a voucher. Please follow the link for more information.