The government is developing an economic model for the development of Crimea as part of the strategy for the restoration of the peninsula after its de-occupation

Опубліковано 25 August 2023 року, о 16:27

This model consists of five main points. Prime Minister Denis Shmyhal spoke about it during the third summit of the Crimean Platform, the government portal reports.

  1. Crimea is a new tourist center of Europe

The plan is to transform the peninsula into a year-round resort. This includes new hotel infrastructure and public spaces under the Crimea 365 brand.

  1. Development of infrastructure to connect Crimea with Ukraine, Europe, and the world.

The peninsula should become part of the European transportation space, integrated into the European TEN-T road network. To this end, it is planned to build four motorways, and two international airports and dismantle the Crimean Bridge to restore safe navigation in the Black and Azov Seas.

  1. Energy.

It is about the integration of Crimea into the ENTSO-E system, the use of renewable energy sources, and the development of the Black Sea gas shelf using the latest technologies.

  1. Development of the agricultural sector

A project is being prepared to rehabilitate the Kakhovka hydropower plant for irrigation in southern Ukraine. It will focus on small farms.

There are also plans to expand the government’s eRobota program to support viticulture in Crimea.

  1. Creation of a European and world-class IT hub in Crimea

We are talking about a special regime to attract investments in science, education, and innovation. Crimea should become a Ukrainian Silicon Valley.