The government decides to raise the salaries of state employees and social workers in dangerous areas

Опубліковано 29 August 2023 року, о 12:00

Salaries of employees of institutions, establishments, and organizations financed from the state budget in the areas of active and possible hostilities have been increased, and to employees of municipal social services in the territories where military operations are being conducted. The decision was made at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers.



The document provides for the establishment of a monthly work allowance for the period of martial law:


– Employees of state institutions, establishments, and organizations working in the areas of active hostilities – 100% of the basic salary, in the areas of possible hostilities – 50% of the basic salary;


– Employees of social service providers of the municipal sector operating in the territories where military operations are (were) conducted – 100% of the official salary. These are the territories for which the date of cessation of hostilities (the date of possible ending of hostilities) has not been determined. This is determined by the list of territories approved by the Order of the Ministry of Reintegration No. 309 of December 22, 2022.


The resolution was adopted on the proposal of the Ministry of Economy and supported by the Ministry of Reintegration.