The government will reimburse employers for the cost of making workplaces accessible to people with disabilities

Опубліковано 29 August 2023 року, о 12:01

The amount of the refund will be as follows, according to the Ministry of Economy:


– for persons with group I disabilities – up to 100,5 thousand UAH (15 minimum wages);


– for disabled persons of group II – up to 67 thousand UAH (10 minimum wages).


Expenses such as the purchase of assistive devices and workspace modifications are reimbursed:


– Special furniture, door openers, and closers, non-slip and tactile flooring, and stairs;


– Stair-climbing conveyors;


– Special office and computer equipment;


– Auxiliary aids for sound reproduction and for ensuring the ability to hear and see.


To receive compensation, the employer must submit a paper or electronic application to the regional employment center:


– Application,


– Copies of documents confirming the employment of a person with a disability and the purchase of assistive devices.