We must not only win. We must also prevent future wars

Опубліковано 30 August 2023 року, о 17:06

Vice Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk said this in an interview with the Polish edition of Rzcezpospolita. 

 The world must understand that the kremlin has no intention of stopping on Ukrainian territory. Ukraine will fight until russia is defeated and the putin regime falls. Ukrainians have no choice.

“This is a struggle for our survival, we have no other choice. Otherwise, they will destroy our state and nation,” the official said.

According to her, a state that uses nuclear weapons to blackmail the international community is dangerous not only for Ukraine. And this problem isn’t solved at the expense of our territories. This will only whet the appetite of the aggressor.

“We are not asking anyone to fight for us. We will manage. We just need support, especially sanctions support. Because on the one hand, we are being helped militarily, politically, and financially. On the other hand, putin somehow gets parts for his missiles through third countries. So we want the world to make up its mind. We must not only win but also prevent war in the future. This is in our common interest,” the Vice Prime Minister concluded.