The UN World Food Program provided financial assistance to more than 260,000 pensioners

Опубліковано 4 September 2023 року, о 15:09

More than 260,000 pensioners received the first UN World Food Program financed pension supplement on August 30. The amount of transferred funds exceeded 115 million UAH. The Ministry of Social Policy informs about it.

Assistance is provided to pensioners who

– live in the areas of active or possible hostilities

– have a pension of less than 3 thousand UAH;

– have not received additional cash payments from international organizations and/or IDP housing allowance since March 1, 2023.

Financial support is provided for at least four months. Pensioners will receive an additional payment amount of up to 3 thousand UAH. For example, if your pension is 2,100 UAH, you will receive an additional 900 UAH.

Pensioners do not have to do anything to receive the payment. It is paid without any application, according to the information available in the state registers.

Financial assistance is provided by transferring funds to bank accounts.