What to pack in a student’s backpack for a comfortable shelter stay

Опубліковано 4 September 2023 року, о 15:21

The new school year will take place under heightened security measures. Many educational institutions have already prepared shelters where children and teachers can take refuge in the event of an air raid.

In this case, parents of schoolchildren should prepare a separate backpack that the child will keep at school and take to the shelter during the air raid.

In such a backpack you need to put

– Nutrition bars, snacks of long-term storage

– A bottle of drinking water

– Wet wipes;

– A warm, lightweight blanket;

– A note with the child’s full name, parents and close relatives’ contact information (names, phone numbers, addresses);

– An additional mobile phone (if possible) with a charging cable and power supply;

– Medications, if the child takes them regularly (after informing the classroom teacher and enclosing instructions on how to administer the medication);

– A few things that create an atmosphere of comfort for the child. It could be a book, a coloring book, or a favorite toy.

IMPORTANT! Do not overweight the backpack, as a heavy backpack can prevent a child from evacuating quickly to a safe place.