The third summit of First Ladies and Gentlemen dedicated to mental health took place in Kyiv

Опубліковано 12 September 2023 року, о 11:44

Twenty-eight First Ladies and Gentlemen met at St. Sophia of Kyiv to work together to save and improve lives. First Lady Olena Zelenska made the announcement.


The Summit “Mental Health: Fragility and Resilience of the Future” discussed issues of resilience and endurance and the impact of war on mental health. In particular, they discussed the challenges faced by young people during the war. They also discussed how they see the country’s future after victory.


This year’s meeting resulted in the establishment of a medical partnership network between the countries. A satellite summit of relevant ministers and clinic representatives has already been held on the sidelines of the summit.


“The personal resilience of each individual is the resilience of society. Therefore, there is no more strategic task for any country than to create conditions for the resilience of each individual. And every resilience begins with common values,” said the First Lady of Ukraine.