How to manage anxiety while your relatives are defending Ukraine

Опубліковано 18 September 2023 року, о 14:15

During wartime, individuals experience heightened levels of anxiety due to concern for loved ones who are actively defending their country with weapons. The Ministry of Health of Ukraine has provided some simple tips to help you cope with constant anxiety and stay calm whenever possible.


Stay connected with your family members. Set specific days for regular phone communication and plan for any unexpected disruptions in communication.


– Don’t put your life on hold. Stay focused on your work, studies, volunteering, friends, or children. Even amidst the war, keep striving to build your future.

Manage your physical health. Engage in daily exercise and sports to boost confidence and effectively manage stress. Even a brief workout or a peaceful stroll through nature can make a difference.


Practice anti-anxiety exercises, such as deep breathing techniques and visualizing a safe and comfortable space with closed eyes. These exercises can aid in reducing anxiety and stress levels while providing a sense of control.


Look for support. Reach out to family and friends or connect with individuals facing similar challenges. Don’t delay in seeking professional help if you need it.