Economic recovery in the de-occupied territories has been enhanced through improvements to business support conditions under the “Affordable Loans 5-7-9%” program

Опубліковано 19 September 2023 року, о 16:47

The government decided this during a meeting on September 15th. 


The adopted changes aim to benefit businesses in the de-occupied territories. Especially: 


– Compensation of interest under the program will be set at 1% for the first two years, followed by an increase to 5% for subsequent years focused on investment purposes. Additionally, 3% interest rate will be extended for loans related to working capital financing. The loan term will be extended to 10 years for investment purposes. 


At the same time, energy modernization is planned for processing enterprises that generate high-added value. 


– Compensate interest under the program up to 5-7-9%; 


– extend the loan term up to 10 years for investment purposes.


The program limit for these categories of enterprises has been raised to 150 million UAH. 


The “Affordable Loans 5-7-9%” program was launched by the Ministry of Reintegration in March of this year and is intended to benefit entrepreneurs in areas where there may be hostilities or those in the formerly occupied territories.