At the Ministry of Reintegration, a meeting of the commission to establish the fact of captivity was held

Опубліковано 25 September 2023 року, о 17:33

The Commission investigating the unlawful detention caused by armed conflict against Ukraine operates within the Ministry of Reintegration. Based on the Commission’s results, the Ministry of Reintegration pays appropriate state benefits to former prisoners of war and their families.

At a meeting on September 22, the Commission learned about the facts regarding 133 people who were freed from russian confinement and 408 people who are currently under illegal captivity by russia.

Additionally, the Commission identified 174 individuals as relatives of incarcerated persons.

In a particular instance, the Commission chose to allocate funds for reimbursing the expenses incurred for obtaining professional legal aid.

These persons can apply to the Ministry of Reintegration with the proper applications to receive financial assistance from the government.  The necessary paperwork is available in the infographic provided at the link.

The Commission plans to convene its next meeting in late October this year.