IDPs can get all legal services without any charge

Опубліковано 29 September 2023 року, о 15:36

Internally displaced people can get all kinds of legal help at no cost from the Free Legal Aid (FLA) system. The Ministry of Justice reports.

In particular, the FLA system offers:

– Legal advice and information;

– Legal representation in court and government agencies;

– Help with preparing legal documents for filing lawsuits.

Since February 24, 2022, over 11,000 IDPs applied for secondary legal aid through FLA until July 2023. In the current year, more than 5,500.

You can apply to the FLA system:

– Visit the closest legal aid office. Locations are available here;

– Through the contact center of the FLA system: 1-800-213-103 (calls from landline and mobile phones in Ukraine are free);

– By calling in Telegram at (067) 721-31-03;

– Through a consultation with a lawyer in Telegram (the “Write to a lawyer” button).

You can learn about the FLA system’s range of services by clicking here.

You can learn about the problems the FLA system helps IDPs solve by examining the examples of successful cases.