You can access social services online

Опубліковано 29 September 2023 року, о 15:37

Digital services are available for many government procedures. This option saves you time and reduces the need to wait in lines at government offices. 

  1. Get an IDP and apply for a housing allowance at this link.
  2. You can request a pension through the Pension Fund of Ukraine’s electronic service portal.
  3. The subsidy application is here and on the Diia portal.
  4. You can request help with childbirth by using the Ministry of Social Policy’s electronic service portal.
  5. You can access information regarding child registration, place of residence, birth assistance, “baby package” compensation, and more through the Diia portal on eMalyatko.
  6. Find out how to receive assistance for parents who have adopted children or children who lack parental care here.
  7. For help with children who have serious illnesses but haven’t been diagnosed with any disabilities, please click here.
  8. For help with disabilities that began in childhood or for children with disabilities, follow the link to learn about assistance that lasts for the duration of the disability.
  9. Single parents can also apply for child benefits.