Around 15,000 Ukrainians in Lithuania got help from the International Organization for Migration

Опубліковано 2 October 2023 року, о 10:20

Since the start of the invasion, over 80,000 people seeking asylum from Ukraine have come to Lithuania. Currently, more than 50,000 Ukrainians reside there.


Since the beginning, Ukrainians in Lithuania have obtained financial aid, help with housing, language classes, and other requirements for integrating and socializing. The International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Lithuania gave support.


More than 55 thousand dollars were allocated for providing temporary housing to Ukrainians.


Nearly 5,000 people received financial help for various necessities: remittances, pharmacy cards, etc.


Over 8,000 Ukrainians were given counseling, and around 400 citizens received English and Lithuanian language courses.


At the same time, over 200 Ukrainian therapists were educated to offer mental aid in times of war.


We’ve started a new program to provide financial help to Ukrainian families. It will support around 100-150 households. They will get a one-time payment to cover some of their rent expenses.